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Research article
23 Apr 2020
Research article |  | 23 Apr 2020

Correlation of core and downhole seismic velocities in high-pressure metamorphic rocks: a case study for the COSC-1 borehole, Sweden

Felix Kästner, Simona Pierdominici, Judith Elger, Alba Zappone, Jochem Kück, and Christian Berndt

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Late Pleistocene to Holocene event stratigraphy of Lake Hallstatt (Salzkammergut, Austria): revealed by the Hipercorig drilling system and borehole logging
Marcel Ortler, Achim Brauer, Stefano C. Fabbri, Jean Nicolas Haas, Irka Hajdas, Kerstin Kowarik, Jochem Kueck, Hans Reschreiter, and Michael Strasser
Sci. Dril., 33, 1–19,,, 2024
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Selection and Characterisation of the Target Fault for Fluid-Induced Activation and Earthquake Rupture Experiments
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Gas equilibrium membrane inlet mass spectrometry (GE-MIMS) for water at high pressure
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Formation and geophysical character of transitional crust at the passive continental margin around Walvis Ridge, Namibia
Gesa Franz, Marion Jegen, Max Moorkamp, Christian Berndt, and Wolfgang Rabbel
Solid Earth, 14, 237–259,,, 2023
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Subject area: Crustal structure and composition | Editorial team: Seismics, seismology, paleoseismology, geoelectrics, and electromagnetics | Discipline: Geophysics
Comparison of surface-wave techniques to estimate S- and P-wave velocity models from active seismic data
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Electrical conductivity of anhydrous and hydrous gabbroic melt under high temperature and high pressure: implications for the high-conductivity anomalies in the mid-ocean ridge region
Mengqi Wang, Lidong Dai, Haiying Hu, Ziming Hu, Chenxin Jing, Chuanyu Yin, Song Luo, and Jinhua Lai
Solid Earth, 14, 847–858,,, 2023
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Formation and geophysical character of transitional crust at the passive continental margin around Walvis Ridge, Namibia
Gesa Franz, Marion Jegen, Max Moorkamp, Christian Berndt, and Wolfgang Rabbel
Solid Earth, 14, 237–259,,, 2023
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Knowledge about physical properties at depth is crucial to image and understand structures linked with orogenic processes. We examined seismic velocities from core and downhole data from the COSC-1 borehole, Sweden, and calibrated our results with laboratory measurements on core samples. Despite a strong mismatch between the core and downhole velocities due to microcracks, mafic units are resolved at all scales, while at sample scale, strong seismic anisotropy correlates with the rock foliation.