Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Solid Earth, 12, 463–481, 2021
Solid Earth, 12, 463–481, 2021

Research article 24 Feb 2021

Research article | 24 Feb 2021

Crustal structure of southeast Australia from teleseismic receiver functions

Mohammed Bello et al.

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Subject area: Crustal structure and composition | Editorial team: Seismics, seismology, geoelectrics, and electromagnetics | Discipline: Seismology
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Kasper van Wijk, Calum J. Chamberlain, Thomas Lecocq, and Koen Van Noten
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Ben Moseley, Tarje Nissen-Meyer, and Andrew Markham
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In this study, ground motion caused by distant earthquakes recorded in southeast Australia is used to image the structure of the crust and underlying mantle. This part of the Australian continent was assembled over the last 500 million years, but it remains poorly understood. By studying variations in crustal properties and thickness, we find evidence for the presence of an old microcontinent that is embedded in the younger terrane and forms a connection between Victoria and Tasmania.