Articles | Volume 12, issue 1
Solid Earth, 12, 59–77, 2021

Special issue: Inversion tectonics – 30 years later

Solid Earth, 12, 59–77, 2021

Research article 14 Jan 2021

Research article | 14 Jan 2021

Hydrocarbon accumulation in basins with multiple phases of extension and inversion: examples from the Western Desert (Egypt) and the western Black Sea

William Bosworth and Gábor Tari

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Inversion tectonics: a brief petroleum industry perspective
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Solid Earth, 11, 1865–1889,,, 2020
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Subject area: Tectonic plate interactions, magma genesis, and lithosphere deformation at all scales | Editorial team: Structural geology and tectonics, rock physics, experimental deformation | Discipline: Tectonics
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Solid Earth, 11, 999–1026,,, 2020
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Many of the world's hydrocarbon resources are found in rifted sedimentary basins. Some rifts experience multiple phases of extension and inversion. This results in complicated oil and gas generation, migration, and entrapment histories. We present examples of basins in the Western Desert of Egypt and the western Black Sea that were inverted multiple times, sometimes separated by additional phases of extension. We then discuss how these complex deformation histories impact exploration campaigns.