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Research article
01 Aug 2013
Research article |  | 01 Aug 2013

Kinematics of the South Atlantic rift

C. Heine, J. Zoethout, and R. D. Müller

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Increased metamorphic conditions in the lower crust during oceanic transform fault evolution
Peter Haas, Myron F. H. Thomas, Christian Heine, Jörg Ebbing, Andrey Seregin, and Jimmy van Itterbeeck
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Global patterns in Earth's dynamic topography since the Jurassic: the role of subducted slabs
Michael Rubey, Sascha Brune, Christian Heine, D. Rhodri Davies, Simon E. Williams, and R. Dietmar Müller
Solid Earth, 8, 899–919,,, 2017
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The Kenya rift revisited: insights into lithospheric strength through data-driven 3-D gravity and thermal modelling
Judith Sippel, Christian Meeßen, Mauro Cacace, James Mechie, Stewart Fishwick, Christian Heine, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, and Manfred R. Strecker
Solid Earth, 8, 45–81,,, 2017
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Magma-poor continent–ocean transition zones of the southern North Atlantic: a wide-angle seismic synthesis of a new frontier
J. Kim Welford
Solid Earth, 15, 683–710,,, 2024
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Cretaceous–Paleocene extension at the southwestern continental margin of India and opening of the Laccadive basin: constraints from geophysical data
Mathews George Gilbert, Parakkal Unnikrishnan, and Munukutla Radhakrishna
Solid Earth, 15, 671–682,,, 2024
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The effect of stiffness contrasts at faults on stress orientation
Moritz O. Ziegler, Robin Seithel, Thomas Niederhuber, Oliver Heidbach, Thomas Kohl, Birgit Müller, Mojtaba Rajabi, Karsten Reiter, and Luisa Röckel
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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Extensional exhumation of cratons: insights from the Early Cretaceous Rio Negro–Juruena belt (Amazonian Craton, Colombia)
Ana Fonseca, Simon Nachtergaele, Amed Bonilla, Stijn Dewaele, and Johan De Grave
Solid Earth, 15, 329–352,,, 2024
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Hydrogen solubility of stishovite provides insights into water transportation to the deep Earth
Mengdan Chen, Changxin Yin, Danling Chen, Long Tian, Liang Liu, and Lei Kang
Solid Earth, 15, 215–227,,, 2024
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