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Research article
22 May 2014
Research article |  | 22 May 2014

Observation of a local gravity potential isosurface by airborne lidar of Lake Balaton, Hungary

A. Zlinszky, G. Timár, R. Weber, B. Székely, C. Briese, C. Ressl, and N. Pfeifer

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Historic maps as a data source for socio-hydrology: a case study of the Lake Balaton wetland system, Hungary
A. Zlinszky and G. Timár
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 4589–4606,,, 2013

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Gravity inversion method using L0-norm constraint with auto-adaptive regularization and combined stopping criteria
Mesay Geletu Gebre and Elias Lewi
Solid Earth, 14, 101–117,,, 2023
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Common-mode signals and vertical velocities in the greater Alpine area from GNSS data
Francesco Pintori, Enrico Serpelloni, and Adriano Gualandi
Solid Earth, 13, 1541–1567,,, 2022
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Benchmark forward gravity schemes: the gravity field of a realistic lithosphere model WINTERC-G
Barend Cornelis Root, Josef Sebera, Wolfgang Szwillus, Cedric Thieulot, Zdeněk Martinec, and Javier Fullea
Solid Earth, 13, 849–873,,, 2022
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Very early identification of a bimodal frictional behavior during the post-seismic phase of the 2015 Mw 8.3 Illapel, Chile, earthquake
Cedric Twardzik, Mathilde Vergnolle, Anthony Sladen, and Louisa L. H. Tsang
Solid Earth, 12, 2523–2537,,, 2021
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Monitoring surface deformation of deep salt mining in Vauvert (France), combining InSAR and leveling data for multi-source inversion
Séverine Liora Furst, Samuel Doucet, Philippe Vernant, Cédric Champollion, and Jean-Louis Carme
Solid Earth, 12, 15–34,,, 2021
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