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Research article
21 Sep 2016
Research article |  | 21 Sep 2016

3-D GPS velocity field and its implications on the present-day post-orogenic deformation of the Western Alps and Pyrenees

Hai Ninh Nguyen, Philippe Vernant, Stephane Mazzotti, Giorgi Khazaradze, and Eva Asensio

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Lesser Antilles Seismotectonic Zoning Model for Seismic Hazard Assessment
Oceane Foix, Stéphane Mazzotti, Hervé Jomard, Didier Bertil, and the Lesser Antilles Working Group
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Revised manuscript under review for NHESS
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Interseismic and long-term deformation of southeastern Sicily driven by the Ionian slab roll-back
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Glacial-isostatic-adjustment strain rate–stress paradox in the Western Alps and impact on active faults and seismicity
Juliette Grosset, Stéphane Mazzotti, and Philippe Vernant
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Solid Earth, 12, 2523–2537,,, 2021
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Monitoring surface deformation of deep salt mining in Vauvert (France), combining InSAR and leveling data for multi-source inversion
Séverine Liora Furst, Samuel Doucet, Philippe Vernant, Cédric Champollion, and Jean-Louis Carme
Solid Earth, 12, 15–34,,, 2021
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We present a new 3-D GPS velocity solution for 182 sites for the region encompassing the Western Alps, Pyrenees. The only significant horizontal deformation (0.2 mm/yr over a distance of 50 km) is a NNE–SSW extension in the western Pyrenees. In contrast, significant uplift rates up to 2 mm/yr occur in the Western Alps but not in the Pyrenees. A correlation between site elevations and fast uplift rates in the Western Alps suggests that part of this uplift is induced by postglacial rebound.