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Solid Earth, 8, 597–635, 2017

Special issue: Two centuries of modelling across scales (SE/ESurf inter-journal...

Solid Earth, 8, 597–635, 2017

Review article 19 May 2017

Review article | 19 May 2017

Analogue earthquakes and seismic cycles: experimental modelling across timescales

Matthias Rosenau et al.

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Conditional probability of distributed surface rupturing during normal-faulting earthquakes
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Short summary
This paper reviews experimental analogue modelling approaches to earthquakes and seismic cycles on timescales from seconds (rupture dynamics) to millions of years (tectonics). Over the last century experiments developed from simple spring-slider and fault block models to seismotectonic scale models. Based on recent advances in material characterization and monitoring techniques, analogue models today are able to simulate the seismotectonic evolution of the earth in various tectonic settings.