Articles | Volume 10, issue 6
Research article
30 Oct 2019
Research article |  | 30 Oct 2019

Full-waveform inversion of short-offset, band-limited seismic data in the Alboran Basin (SE Iberia)

Clàudia Gras, Daniel Dagnino, Clara Estela Jiménez-Tejero, Adrià Meléndez, Valentí Sallarès, and César R. Ranero

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Anisotropic P-wave travel-time tomography implementing Thomsen's weak approximation in TOMO3D
Adrià Meléndez, Clara Estela Jiménez, Valentí Sallarès, and César R. Ranero
Solid Earth, 10, 1857–1876,,, 2019
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High-resolution diapycnal mixing map of the Alboran Sea thermocline from seismic reflection images
Jhon F. Mojica, Valentí Sallarès, and Berta Biescas
Ocean Sci., 14, 403–415,,, 2018
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Subject area: Crustal structure and composition | Editorial team: Seismics, seismology, paleoseismology, geoelectrics, and electromagnetics | Discipline: Geophysics
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Comparison of straight-ray and curved-ray surface wave tomography approaches in near-surface studies
Mohammadkarim Karimpour, Evert Slob, and Laura Valentina Socco
Solid Earth, 13, 1569–1583,,, 2022
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3D deep geothermal reservoir imaging with wireline distributed acoustic sensing in two boreholes
Evgeniia Martuganova, Manfred Stiller, Ben Norden, Jan Henninges, and Charlotte M. Krawczyk
Solid Earth, 13, 1291–1307,,, 2022
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Formation and geophysical character of transitional crust at the passive continental margin around Walvis Ridge, Namibia
Gesa Franz, Marion Jegen, Max Moorkamp, Christian Berndt, and Wolfgang Rabbel
EGUsphere,,, 2022
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3D high-resolution seismic imaging of the iron oxide deposits in Ludvika (Sweden) using full-waveform inversion and reverse time migration
Brij Singh, Michał Malinowski, Andrzej Górszczyk, Alireza Malehmir, Stefan Buske, Łukasz Sito, and Paul Marsden
Solid Earth, 13, 1065–1085,,, 2022
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We present a workflow that combines different geophysical techniques, showing that a detailed seismic velocity model can be obtained even for non-optimal data sets, i.e. relatively short-offset, band-limited streamer data recorded in deep water. This fact has an important implication for the Marine seismic community, suggesting that many of the existing data sets should be revisited and analysed with new techniques to enhance our understanding of the subsurface, as in the Alboran Basin case.