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Solid Earth, 7, 1417–1465, 2016

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Solid Earth, 7, 1417–1465, 2016

Review article 21 Oct 2016

Review article | 21 Oct 2016

Folding and necking across the scales: a review of theoretical and experimental results and their applications

Stefan Markus Schmalholz and Neil Sydney Mancktelow

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Buoyancy versus shear forces in building orogenic wedges
Lorenzo G. Candioti, Thibault Duretz, Evangelos Moulas, and Stefan M. Schmalholz
Solid Earth, 12, 1749–1775,,, 2021
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Impact of upper mantle convection on lithosphere hyperextension and subsequent horizontally forced subduction initiation
Lorenzo G. Candioti, Stefan M. Schmalholz, and Thibault Duretz
Solid Earth, 11, 2327–2357,,, 2020
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Control of 3-D tectonic inheritance on fold-and-thrust belts: insights from 3-D numerical models and application to the Helvetic nappe system
Richard Spitz, Arthur Bauville, Jean-Luc Epard, Boris J. P. Kaus, Anton A. Popov, and Stefan M. Schmalholz
Solid Earth, 11, 999–1026,,, 2020
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Tectonic inheritance controls nappe detachment, transport and stacking in the Helvetic nappe system, Switzerland: insights from thermomechanical simulations
Dániel Kiss, Thibault Duretz, and Stefan Markus Schmalholz
Solid Earth, 11, 287–305,,, 2020
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Thick- and thin-skinned basin inversion in the Danish Central Graben, North Sea – the role of deep evaporites and basement kinematics
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Complex rift patterns, a result of interacting crustal and mantle weaknesses, or multiphase rifting? Insights from analogue models
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Interactions of plutons and detachments: a comparison of Aegean and Tyrrhenian granitoids
Laurent Jolivet, Laurent Arbaret, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, Florent Cheval-Garabédian, Vincent Roche, Aurélien Rabillard, and Loïc Labrousse
Solid Earth, 12, 1357–1388,,, 2021
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Insights from elastic thermobarometry into exhumation of high-pressure metamorphic rocks from Syros, Greece
Miguel Cisneros, Jaime D. Barnes, Whitney M. Behr, Alissa J. Kotowski, Daniel F. Stockli, and Konstantinos Soukis
Solid Earth, 12, 1335–1355,,, 2021
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Stress rotation – impact and interaction of rock stiffness and faults
Karsten Reiter
Solid Earth, 12, 1287–1307,,, 2021
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About 200 years ago in 1815 Sir James Hall made his famous analogue experiments, which showed probably for the first time that natural folds in ductile rock are the result of a horizontal compression. If such rocks are extended, then the rock layers can thin only locally, which is a process termed necking, and the resulting structure is often termed pinch-and-swell. We review here theoretical and experimental results on folding and necking on all geological scales.