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Research article
10 Jul 2013
Research article |  | 10 Jul 2013

The dynamics of laterally variable subductions: laboratory models applied to the Hellenides

B. Guillaume, L. Husson, F. Funiciello, and C. Faccenna

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Control of crustal strength, tectonic inheritance, and stretching/ shortening rates on crustal deformation and basin reactivation: insights from laboratory models
Benjamin Guillaume, Guido M. Gianni, Jean-Jacques Kermarrec, and Khaled Bock
Solid Earth, 13, 1393–1414,,, 2022
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The effect of temperature-dependent material properties on simple thermal models of subduction zones
Iris van Zelst, Cedric Thieulot, and Timothy J. Craig
Solid Earth, 14, 683–707,,, 2023
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The role of lithospheric thermal structure in the development of lateral heterogeneous of the continental collision system
Mengxue Liu, Dinghui Yang, and Rui Qi
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Glacial isostatic adjustment strain rate – stress paradox in the Western Alps, impact on active faults and seismicity
Juliette Grosset, Stephane Mazzotti, and Philippe Vernant
EGUsphere,,, 2023
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Plume–ridge interactions: ridgeward versus plate-drag plume flow
Fengping Pang, Jie Liao, Maxim D. Ballmer, and Lun Li
Solid Earth, 14, 353–368,,, 2023
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Transport mechanisms of hydrothermal convection in faulted tight sandstones
Guoqiang Yan, Benjamin Busch, Robert Egert, Morteza Esmaeilpour, Kai Stricker, and Thomas Kohl
Solid Earth, 14, 293–310,,, 2023
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