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Research article
09 Feb 2021
Research article |  | 09 Feb 2021

Influence of inherited structural domains and their particular strain distributions on the Roer Valley graben evolution from inversion to extension

Jef Deckers, Bernd Rombaut, Koen Van Noten, and Kris Vanneste

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Preprint under review for NHESS
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This study shows the presence of two structural domains in the western border fault system of the Roer Valley graben. These domains, dominated by NW–SE-striking faults, displayed distinctly different strain distributions during both Late Cretaceous compression and Cenozoic extension. The southern domain is characterized by narrow, localized faulting, while the northern domain is characterized by wide, distributed faulting. The non-colinear WNW–ESE Grote Brogel fault links both domains.