Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
Solid Earth, 5, 557–567, 2014

Special issue: Lithosphere-cryosphere interactions

Solid Earth, 5, 557–567, 2014

Research article 30 Jun 2014

Research article | 30 Jun 2014

The sensitivity of GNSS measurements in Fennoscandia to distinct three-dimensional upper-mantle structures

H. Steffen and P. Wu

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The sea cliff at Dwasieden: soft-sediment deformation structures triggered by glacial isostatic adjustment in front of the advancing Scandinavian Ice Sheet
Małgorzata Pisarska-Jamroży, Szymon Belzyt, Andreas Börner, Gösta Hoffmann, Heiko Hüneke, Michael Kenzler, Karsten Obst, Henrik Rother, Holger Steffen, Rebekka Steffen, and Tom van Loon
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Comparison of the glacial isostatic adjustment behaviour in glacially induced fault models
Rebekka Steffen, Holger Steffen, and Patrick Wu
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,,, 2016
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Optimal locations of sea-level indicators in glacial isostatic adjustment investigations
H. Steffen, P. Wu, and H. Wang
Solid Earth, 5, 511–521,,, 2014
Lithosphere and upper-mantle structure of the southern Baltic Sea estimated from modelling relative sea-level data with glacial isostatic adjustment
H. Steffen, G. Kaufmann, and R. Lampe
Solid Earth, 5, 447–459,,, 2014

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Coupled dynamics and evolution of primordial and recycled heterogeneity in Earth's lower mantle
Anna Johanna Pia Gülcher, Maxim Dionys Ballmer, and Paul James Tackley
Solid Earth, 12, 2087–2107,,, 2021
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Buoyancy versus shear forces in building orogenic wedges
Lorenzo G. Candioti, Thibault Duretz, Evangelos Moulas, and Stefan M. Schmalholz
Solid Earth, 12, 1749–1775,,, 2021
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Comparing global seismic tomography models using varimax principal component analysis
Olivier de Viron, Michel Van Camp, Alexia Grabkowiak, and Ana M. G. Ferreira
Solid Earth, 12, 1601–1634,,, 2021
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Magma ascent mechanisms in the transition regime from solitary porosity waves to diapirism
Janik Dohmen and Harro Schmeling
Solid Earth, 12, 1549–1561,,, 2021
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A new finite element approach to model microscale strain localization within olivine aggregates
Jean Furstoss, Carole Petit, Clément Ganino, Marc Bernacki, and Daniel Pino-Muñoz
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2021
Revised manuscript accepted for SE
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