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Solid Earth, 8, 1025–1045, 2017

Special issue: Analysis of deformation microstructures and mechanisms on...

Solid Earth, 8, 1025–1045, 2017

Research article 04 Oct 2017

Research article | 04 Oct 2017

Synchrotron FTIR imaging of OH in quartz mylonites

Andreas K. Kronenberg et al.

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Constraints on the rheology of the lower crust in a strike-slip plate boundary: evidence from the San Quintín xenoliths, Baja California, Mexico
Thomas van der Werf, Vasileios Chatzaras, Leo Marcel Kriegsman, Andreas Kronenberg, Basil Tikoff, and Martyn R. Drury
Solid Earth, 8, 1211–1239,,, 2017
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Structural geology
Application of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) fabrics to determine the kinematics of active tectonics: examples from the Betic Cordillera, Spain, and the Northern Apennines, Italy
David J. Anastasio, Frank J. Pazzaglia, Josep M. Parés, Kenneth P. Kodama, Claudio Berti, James A. Fisher, Alessandro Montanari, and Lorraine K. Carnes
Solid Earth, 12, 1125–1142,,, 2021
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Reply to Norini and Groppelli's comment on “Estimating the depth and evolution of intrusions at resurgent calderas: Los Humeros (Mexico)” by Urbani et al. (2020)
Stefano Urbani, Guido Giordano, Federico Lucci, Federico Rossetti, and Gerardo Carrasco-Núñez
Solid Earth, 12, 1111–1124,,, 2021
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Emplacement of “exotic” Zechstein slivers along the inverted Sontra Graben (northern Hessen, Germany): clues from balanced cross sections and geometrical forward modeling
Jakob Bolz and Jonas Kley
Solid Earth, 12, 1005–1024,,, 2021
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Kinematics of subduction in the Ibero-Armorican arc constrained by 3D microstructural analysis of garnet and pseudomorphed lawsonite porphyroblasts from Île de Groix (Variscan belt)
Domingo G. A. M. Aerden, Alejandro Ruiz-Fuentes, Mohammad Sayab, and Aidan Forde
Solid Earth, 12, 971–992,,, 2021
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Mapping and evaluating kinematics and the stress and strain field at active faults and fissures: a comparison between field and drone data at the NE rift, Mt Etna (Italy)
Alessandro Tibaldi, Noemi Corti, Emanuela De Beni, Fabio Luca Bonali, Susanna Falsaperla, Horst Langer, Marco Neri, Massimo Cantarero, Danilo Reitano, and Luca Fallati
Solid Earth, 12, 801–816,,, 2021
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Methods of measuring trace water contents of quartz at high resolution using synchrotron infrared radiation and spectroscopy are described and applied to deformed rocks of the Moine Thrust of NW Scotland and the Main Central Thrust of the Himalaya in NW India. By imaging OH absorption bands, variations in water content can be linked to deformation microstructures, providing information on the histories of deformation, recovery, introduction and loss of water, and water weakening.