Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
Solid Earth, 8, 255–279, 2017
Solid Earth, 8, 255–279, 2017

Research article 24 Feb 2017

Research article | 24 Feb 2017

Numerical modeling of fluid effects on seismic properties of fractured magmatic geothermal reservoirs

Melchior Grab et al.

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Ground-penetrating radar imaging reveals glacier's drainage network in 3D
Gregory Church, Andreas Bauder, Melchior Grab, and Hansruedi Maurer
The Cryosphere, 15, 3975–3988,,, 2021
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Acoustic velocity measurements for detecting the crystal orientation fabrics of a temperate ice core
Sebastian Hellmann, Melchior Grab, Johanna Kerch, Henning Löwe, Andreas Bauder, Ilka Weikusat, and Hansruedi Maurer
The Cryosphere, 15, 3507–3521,,, 2021
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Crystallographic analysis of temperate ice on Rhonegletscher, Swiss Alps
Sebastian Hellmann, Johanna Kerch, Ilka Weikusat, Andreas Bauder, Melchior Grab, Guillaume Jouvet, Margit Schwikowski, and Hansruedi Maurer
The Cryosphere, 15, 677–694,,, 2021
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Fault sealing and caprock integrity for CO2 storage: an in situ injection experiment
Alba Zappone, Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Melchior Grab, Quinn C. Wenning, Clément Roques, Claudio Madonna, Anne C. Obermann, Stefano M. Bernasconi, Matthias S. Brennwald, Rolf Kipfer, Florian Soom, Paul Cook, Yves Guglielmi, Christophe Nussbaum, Domenico Giardini, Marco Mazzotti, and Stefan Wiemer
Solid Earth, 12, 319–343,,, 2021
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Monitoring the seasonal changes of an englacial conduit network using repeated ground-penetrating radar measurements
Gregory Church, Melchior Grab, Cédric Schmelzbach, Andreas Bauder, and Hansruedi Maurer
The Cryosphere, 14, 3269–3286,,, 2020
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Dynamic motion monitoring of a 3.6 km long steel rod in a borehole during cold-water injection with distributed fiber-optic sensing
Martin Peter Lipus, Felix Schölderle, Thomas Reinsch, Christopher Wollin, Charlotte Krawczyk, Daniela Pfrang, and Kai Zosseder
Solid Earth, 13, 161–176,,, 2022
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Impact of Timanian thrust systems on the late Neoproterozoic–Phanerozoic tectonic evolution of the Barents Sea and Svalbard
Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl, Craig Magee, and Ingrid M. Anell
Solid Earth, 13, 85–115,,, 2022
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Forearc density structure of the overriding plate in the northern area of the giant 1960 Valdivia earthquake
Andrei Maksymowicz, Daniela Montecinos-Cuadros, Daniel Díaz, María José Segovia, and Tomás Reyes
Solid Earth, 13, 117–136,,, 2022
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Imaging crustal structures through a passive seismic imaging approach in a mining area in Saxony, Germany
Hossein Hassani, Felix Hloušek, Stefan Buske, and Olaf Wallner
Solid Earth, 12, 2703–2715,,, 2021
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Investigating the effects of intersection flow localization in equivalent-continuum-based upscaling of flow in discrete fracture networks
Maximilian O. Kottwitz, Anton A. Popov, Steffen Abe, and Boris J. P. Kaus
Solid Earth, 12, 2235–2254,,, 2021
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Hot fluids and hydraulically conductive rock formations are essential for the accessibility of geothermal resources. We use numerical modeling techniques to investigate how seismic waves change their shape in presence of these factors. We demonstrate how to parameterize such models depending on the local geology and as a function of depth. Finally, we show how the attenuation, i.e. the energy loss of the wave, can be indicative for permeable rock fractures saturated with a fluid of specific type.