Articles | Volume 12, issue 10
Solid Earth, 12, 2327–2350, 2021
Solid Earth, 12, 2327–2350, 2021

Research article 14 Oct 2021

Research article | 14 Oct 2021

Impact of basement thrust faults on low-angle normal faults and rift basin evolution: a case study in the Enping sag, Pearl River Basin

Chao Deng et al.

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Subject area: Tectonic plate interactions, magma genesis, and lithosphere deformation at all scales | Editorial team: Structural geology and tectonics, rock physics, experimental deformation | Discipline: Structural geology
Evidence for and significance of the Late Cretaceous Asteroussia event in the Gondwanan Ios basement terranes
Sonia Yeung, Marnie Forster, Emmanuel Skourtsos, and Gordon Lister
Solid Earth, 12, 2255–2275,,, 2021
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Investigating spatial heterogeneity within fracture networks using hierarchical clustering and graph distance metrics
Rahul Prabhakaran, Giovanni Bertotti, Janos Urai, and David Smeulders
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Dating folding beyond folding, from layer-parallel shortening to fold tightening, using mesostructures: lessons from the Apennines, Pyrenees, and Rocky Mountains
Olivier Lacombe, Nicolas E. Beaudoin, Guilhem Hoareau, Aurélie Labeur, Christophe Pecheyran, and Jean-Paul Callot
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Deformation-enhanced diagenesis and bacterial proliferation in the Nankai accretionary prism
Vincent Famin, Hugues Raimbourg, Muriel Andreani, and Anne-Marie Boullier
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Rheological stratification in impure rock salt during long-term creep: morphology, microstructure, and numerical models of multilayer folds in the Ocnele Mari salt mine, Romania
Marta Adamuszek, Dan M. Tămaş, Jessica Barabasch, and Janos L. Urai
Solid Earth, 12, 2041–2065,,, 2021
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This study uses seismic reflection data to interpret the geometric relationship and evolution of intra-basement and rift-related structures in the Enping sag in the northern South China Sea. Our observations suggest the primary control of pre-existing thrust faults is the formation of low-angle normal faults, with possible help from low-friction materials, and the significant role of pre-existing basement thrust faults in fault geometry, paleotopography, and syn-rift stratigraphy of rift basins.