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Research article
04 Feb 2015
Research article |  | 04 Feb 2015

Receiver function images of the Hellenic subduction zone and comparison to microseismicity

F. Sodoudi, A. Brüstle, T. Meier, R. Kind, W. Friederich, and EGELADOS working group

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Structure of the upper mantle in the north-western and central United States from USArray S-receiver functions
R. Kind, X. Yuan, J. Mechie, and F. Sodoudi
Solid Earth, 6, 957–970,,, 2015
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Thickness of the lithosphere beneath Turkey and surroundings from S-receiver functions
R. Kind, T. Eken, F. Tilmann, F. Sodoudi, T. Taymaz, F. Bulut, X. Yuan, B. Can, and F. Schneider
Solid Earth, 6, 971–984,,, 2015
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Ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) noise reduction from horizontal and vertical components using harmonic–percussive separation algorithms
Zahra Zali, Theresa Rein, Frank Krüger, Matthias Ohrnberger, and Frank Scherbaum
Solid Earth, 14, 181–195,,, 2023
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Towards real-time seismic monitoring of a geothermal plant using Distributed Acoustic Sensing
Jerome Azzola, Katja Thiemann, and Emmanuel Gaucher
EGUsphere,,, 2022
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Constraints on fracture distribution in the Los Humeros geothermal field from beamforming of ambient seismic noise
Heather Kennedy, Katrin Löer, and Amy Gilligan
Solid Earth, 13, 1843–1858,,, 2022
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Mapping the basement of the Cerdanya Basin (Eastern Pyrenees) using seismic ambient noise
Jordi Diaz, Sergi Ventosa, Martin Schimmel, Mario Ruiz, Albert Macau, Anna Gabàs, David Martí, Özgenç Akin, and Jaume Vergés
EGUsphere,,, 2022
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Upper-lithospheric structure of northeastern Venezuela from joint inversion of surface-wave dispersion and receiver functions
Roberto Cabieces, Mariano S. Arnaiz-Rodríguez, Antonio Villaseñor, Elizabeth Berg, Andrés Olivar-Castaño, Sergi Ventosa, and Ana M. G. Ferreira
Solid Earth, 13, 1781–1801,,, 2022
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