Articles | Volume 7, issue 1
Solid Earth, 7, 285–300, 2016

Special issue: Pore-scale tomography & imaging - applications, techniques...

Solid Earth, 7, 285–300, 2016
Research article
15 Feb 2016
Research article | 15 Feb 2016

Classification and quantification of pore shapes in sandstone reservoir rocks with 3-D X-ray micro-computed tomography

Mayka Schmitt et al.

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Benchmark study using a multi-scale, multi-methodological approach for the petrophysical characterization of reservoir sandstones
Peleg Haruzi, Regina Katsman, Matthias Halisch, Nicolas Waldmann, and Baruch Spiro
Solid Earth, 12, 665–689,,, 2021
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Petrographic and Petrophysical Characteristics of Lower Cretaceous Sandstones from northern Israel, determined by micro-CT imaging and analytical techniques
Peleg Haruzi, Regina Katsman, Baruch Spiro, Matthias Halisch, and Nicolas Waldmann
Solid Earth Discuss.,,, 2019
Revised manuscript not accepted
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X-ray computed tomography investigation of structures in Opalinus Clay from large-scale to small-scale after mechanical testing
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Pore-scale tomography and imaging: applications, techniques and recommended practice
Matthias Halisch, Holger Steeb, Steven Henkel, and Charlotte M. Krawczyk
Solid Earth, 7, 1141–1143,,, 2016

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Solid Earth, 13, 793–825,,, 2022
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Ambient seismic noise analysis of LARGE-N data for mineral exploration in the Central Erzgebirge, Germany
Trond Ryberg, Moritz Kirsch, Christian Haberland, Raimon Tolosana-Delgado, Andrea Viezzoli, and Richard Gloaguen
Solid Earth, 13, 519–533,,, 2022
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Surface-wave tomography for mineral exploration: a successful combination of passive and active data (Siilinjärvi phosphorus mine, Finland)
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Solid Earth, 13, 417–429,,, 2022
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Reflection tomography by depth warping: a case study across the Java trench
Yueyang Xia, Dirk Klaeschen, Heidrun Kopp, and Michael Schnabel
Solid Earth, 13, 367–392,,, 2022
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Dynamic motion monitoring of a 3.6 km long steel rod in a borehole during cold-water injection with distributed fiber-optic sensing
Martin Peter Lipus, Felix Schölderle, Thomas Reinsch, Christopher Wollin, Charlotte Krawczyk, Daniela Pfrang, and Kai Zosseder
Solid Earth, 13, 161–176,,, 2022
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Short summary
In this paper we show how the shapes of irregular rock particles (pores) can be classified and quantified based on binary 3-D images. The methodology requires the measurement of basic 3-D particle descriptors and a shape classification that involves the similarity of artificial objects, which is based on main pore network detachments and 3-D sample sizes. The results were validated for three sandstones (S1, S2, and S3) from distinct reservoirs.