Articles | Volume 8, issue 1
Solid Earth, 8, 235–254, 2017
Solid Earth, 8, 235–254, 2017

Research article 23 Feb 2017

Research article | 23 Feb 2017

The deep Earth origin of the Iceland plume and its effects on regional surface uplift and subsidence

Nicholas Barnett-Moore et al.

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We use 3D mantle flow models to investigate the evolution of the Iceland plume in the North Atlantic. Results show that over the last ~ 100 Myr a remarkably stable pattern of flow in the lowermost mantle beneath the region resulted in the formation of a plume nucleation site. At the surface, a model plume compared to published observables indicates that its large plume head, ~ 2500 km in diameter, arriving beneath eastern Greenland in the Palaeocene, can account for the volcanic record and uplift.